Why I hate Demographic Data

for me it’s personal. . .

Ervin Fowlkes
1 min readJan 13, 2014

I can’t and I refuse to believe that demographic data is causal. Why?

Because if demographic data is a causal mechanism for behavior, then I let the Racists|Sexists| Ageists|Homophobes win. And I refuse to do that.

To say, multiple colors of our product will relate to this group BECAUSE their female. Is inherently flawed and worse, I think insulting.

That’s no different than saying, “well crime in this neighborhood is high because they are so many Blacks here”. You have instantly negated all context and stripped away the Social and Emotional Jobs that encourage ciminal behavior.

You can’t develop solutions against race, but you can develop and inform competent programs inline with Jobs. You can improve the context through understanding and innovating thinking.

But if you only believe that a person’s behavior is a direct cause of their demographics. . . then there is no hope because there would be no possibility for change.



Ervin Fowlkes

#JTBD Consultant. Born in Detroit and proud of it. I believe wherever you are is exactly where you belong. Life is Win or Learn.