Which one is more realistic Star Wars or Star Trek?

I am not a great writer…

I own that, and I am moving on. I have to face it, I don’t enjoy it. I see the work of people like David Wu and Clay Christensen and my jaw drops. Their eloquence with the written word is awe inspiring.

That ain’t me… (geesh did I just use ain’t?)

What I do love though is public speaking. It scares me to death, but in that Roller Coaster kind of way. So to this end I took on online Public speaking course from University of Washington. (completed with a very good grade I might add). The class was amazing I learned a ton, and now I can’t wait to use it in my JTBD career. . . once I figure out how.

Here’s my first class assignment.


Wish me luck!



#JTBD Consultant. Born in Detroit and proud of it. I believe wherever you are is exactly where you belong. Life is Win or Learn.

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