• Halvard Simonsen

    Halvard Simonsen

    Rådgiver i Simpleness

  • hubert gertis

    hubert gertis

    Closely related to @hubrt

  • Mike Remolona

    Mike Remolona

  • Stefan Brunner

    Stefan Brunner

    Co-founder, Product Owner, Board Member @ibrowsweb & @easysys

  • Ilya Sterin (Илья)

    Ilya Sterin (Илья)

    VP, Product Development @TweddleGroup. Previously Co-founder @ChronoTrack/@athlinks (acquired by Lifetime Fitness) (https://services.athlinks.com)

  • Nick Ellis

    Nick Ellis

    Dad life.

  • Aalok Rathod

    Aalok Rathod

    I’m the Co-Founder & Finance Manager of Uncia Productions, a media production and consulting company based in New York City.

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