my second class assignment

My second class assignment was an informative speech. I chose the Business Model Canvas. (I think I will add Lean Model Canvas next)

a submission from my public speaking class

I am not a great writer…

I own that, and I am moving on. I have to face it, I don’t enjoy it. I see the work of people like David Wu and Clay Christensen and my jaw drops. Their eloquence with the written word is awe inspiring.

That ain’t me… (geesh did I just use ain’t?)

What I do love though is public speaking. It scares me to death, but in that Roller Coaster kind of way. So to this end I took on online Public speaking course from University of Washington. (completed with a very good grade I…

Starting with the End in mind

So my wife and I are watching Captain America. (The first one, haven’t seen the new one yet.) It’s the moment where Captain invades the weapons factory and Red Skull realizes this day will not end well for him. He hits the self destruct button and that’s when it hits me.

“Villains always create self destruct buttons!”

That’s why they lose…

If you are building your dream house, career or fortress of mayhem, you can’t have a self destruct button. You are starting the process with failure baked right in, just quit now.

When I told my father I was going to build my own company…


I had a thought the other day I’d like to share.

Your wife and your vision of a wife may have been created in 2 different time periods.

I have a lot of conversations with my married friends around how marriage isn’t at all what we thought it would be. A lot of guys today have images of June Cleaver spring into their mind. This attachment to a vision of what role your wife will play in your life is abruptly shattered when you meet your actual wife.

If a man’s first thoughts of a wife are created in…

for me it’s personal. . .

I can’t and I refuse to believe that demographic data is causal. Why?

Because if demographic data is a causal mechanism for behavior, then I let the Racists|Sexists| Ageists|Homophobes win. And I refuse to do that.

To say, multiple colors of our product will relate to this group BECAUSE their female. Is inherently flawed and worse, I think insulting.

That’s no different than saying, “well crime in this neighborhood is high because they are so many Blacks here”. You have instantly negated all context and stripped away the Social and Emotional Jobs that encourage ciminal behavior.

You can’t develop solutions…

I am not sure why, but over the last few years I have been feeling myself pulled to a place of detachment. Not apathy, but the release of needing everything to go my way. The release of judgement.

I have learned that without enough context you can’t say whether a certain circumstance is either good or bad. It always depends.

Learned from a Buddhist monk named Abrahm to think in terms of Good?Bad? Who knows?

Marianne Williamson clarified for me that when we try to hold on to something so tight we are actually repelling it from us. That makes sense to me as, I notice when I REALLY want something, I hyper react. . . and that’s just not sexy.

My first post on Medium

Curious to how this works.

I love how design is now characterized by so much of what is NOT there. When i tried to turn in a blank sheet as art in high school I was not received as well.


Ervin Fowlkes

#JTBD Consultant. Born in Detroit and proud of it. I believe wherever you are is exactly where you belong. Life is Win or Learn.

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